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Kathy Lewis

Kathy Lewis is the founder and president of
Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance. With more than 30 years of experience, Kathy has built Capstone into the nation’s premier training institute for the mortgage banking and real estate industry.

Before founding Capstone, Kathy worked as a loan officer for a major lending institution, where she was consistently among the top producers. While working as an on-site sales agent for a national builder, she sold more than 160 homes within a 12 month period when interest rates were at 16%! She spent five years as vice president of one of Atlanta’s largest homebuilders, and was president of a mortgage company before founding Capstone Institute in 1986.

A self-proclaimed “seeker of truth” for the past 25 years, Kathy credits much of her success to her knowledge and implementation of spiritual principles and values. With a desire and commitment to help others build successful careers and meaningful lives, she founded Capstone Spiritual Foundation in 2002. “My vision for the Foundation,” she says, “is to help people positively transform their lives through the understanding and practice of universal laws and principles.”

Author of more than 32 textbooks pertaining to all aspects of mortgage finance, Kathy’s most recent book, It Is Done – Miracles Still Happen! provides a fascinating account of her own journey from healthy skepticism about universal law to powerful belief through practical application and results. “I don’t just believe in miracles,” she says, “I RELY on them.”

In addition to her speaking engagements, Kathy currently offers workshops which examine these principles more in-depth, and consulting services for businesses or individuals who want personalized assistance in creating a successful new or existing business.

Lemuria Henson

Rev. Lemuria Henson is a third generation psychic. Her mother was a well known Spiritualist and healer, her father practiced Christian Science, and her grandmother was a psychic and was active in the Science of Mind Movement.

One of the most extraordinary of Lemuria’s experiences occurred when as a young woman she died in child birth. After spending over 3 hours on “the other side” Lemuria returned to her body. Her experience has been well documented in medical journals due to the incredible duration. Lemuria has since lectured to groups on the subject of life after death.

Studied with the Spiritualistic Church for 4 years, and became an ordained and licensed minister. Graduate of the Hypnosis Motivational Institute where she studied with Dr. John Kapas.
Studied under the direction of Dr. Charles Skillas, author of Defeat The Enemy Within. Served as Superintendent of the Science of Mind Sunday School in Atlanta.
Founded and served as minister for the Temple of Inner Light. Studied with Rev. David Bubar, author of You Are Psychic, and was a regular guest on his radio show.
Served as a house psychic for the Foundation of Truth in Atlanta, GA.

Has worked with several well respected psychics such as Jean Dixon and Irene Hughes. Has appeared on numerous television and radio shows across the country.
Graduate of Christian Science Church Courses, where she worked as a Sunday school teacher. Has taught various spiritual and metaphysical courses across the United States for over 25 years.


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